The Spider Friends
The Book

Imagine a world where garbage becomes a town and every piece of trash sparks the imagination. Envision miniature friends that work together to solve problems and have fun with things right in front of them. As an author/illustrator I wrote my book The Spider Friends to show children that “imagination is never wrong”. Everyone will want to play and think like a spider after reading this story. Little hands will become the Friends and Parents can pretend along too.The Spiders want to show the 4-7 year olds how to play creatively.

This unique picture book was created by four friends (and a baby brother). Particular, Emma Furba, Baker, Hairy and Baby Templeton live in a woods littered with garbage. Rather than see a junkyard, they find treasures that can be used for exactly what they need. The items in their immediate environment let the Friends solve problems and have fun using their imaginations. Although they each have their own strengths, the power of the group is undeniable. Every idea is accepted and tried out. After all, what’s wrong with using a discarded Dictionary for the Elementary Schoolhouse? or transforming a plastic, coffee cup lid into a sailboat? I think human children will want to repurpose items for their spiders too.

My book is uniquely illustrated to appear as if kids put it together. It is a club handbook made from scraps of paper and bound with whatever sticks. The Friends draw themselves, write in their own voices and tell their secrets. The homemade feel of The Spider Friends is a unique mix of kid’s drawings and real items. The book is tabbed into sections that the reader would be most interested in like: Our Homes, Favorite Classes, Embarrassing Moments, etc. Each Spider writes a page in each section. The other Friends are allowed to comment on each other’s pages and tend to have a lot to say. Readers will see how easy it would be to make their own handbook as well as playing like a Spider afterwards.

I want kids reading the book then playing on a level that doesn’t require anything but their imagination. The Spiders already know “imagination is never wrong” and they want their young audience to learn this too.

The Spider Friends