Wendy L. DiNicola
The Author & Illustrator

Hi! I am an artist, author and a friend of spiders.

Over the course of my career, I have been blessed with an art gallery, online businesses and studios all across the country! I currently create from my upstate NY home which makes me happy. As I reflect upon my journey, the best moments have been the relationships I’ve built with customers. Whether they were purchasing a painting, commissioning a piece or simply framing an item, my philosophy was to welcome and integrate their ideas into the finished product. Through our collaboration, it was easy to validate their creativity and demonstrate that their ideas mattered!

As a parent, I enjoyed playing with my children and all of their friends. My favorite way to engage was to animate any object I could find; rubber bands, coins, banana peels, and the Mrs. Butterworth jar all come to mind. I would simply place the animated object in a human situation and then ask my subject to help me with the story. After a few minutes and some strange looks at Mrs. Butterworth, most children magically opened up and co-created a fairly humorous story with me! I’m not so sure who had more fun. I think that most kids buy into this type of play because they realize that the adult is interested in their ideas and that their opinion matters to the character. I see the value in validating creativity in the very young just like I use with my art clients. In a nutshell, that is why I wrote The Spider Friends. The Friends know that “imagination is never wrong” and they want to share this message.

It was my son that shared his Spider Friends with me when he was very young. I was blessed to have met his characters. Together we used our hands and fingers to make the Spiders and no other props were needed. Playing the Friends was a favorite activity. Our Spiders developed strong personalities and skills. They were friends that worked together to have fun and solve problems. Looking back, my time with my son and seeing his imagination was precious. Just a few minutes each day added up to so much. Interacting with the Spiders were our best memories and not so much the time watching TV or playing video games.

My simple book is a gift for children to see that they can think like a Spider at any time in any place. My hope is that parents will engage and welcome the Friends too. The dream of the book is for kids to be reading and playing with these characters, solving situations and realizing that their imagination is never wrong!

All the Best,


Wendy L. DiNicola - Author & Illustrator of The Spider Friends